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DIY 3D Printed Headphones Made from Scratch

| Consumer Electronics | April 11, 2013

3D Printed Headphones

These DIY headphones surprisingly work

Designer J.C Karich has posted his design for a pair of 3D printed headphones on Thingiverse which requires a 3D printer, open source designs and a little ingenuity.

Karich 3D printed the headphone’s earpieces and head-loop but rather than use off the shelf audio components to make them work, he made everything else from scratch. He made the speakers himself by coiling copper wire around a groove that is built into each earpiece for this purpose, which also houses a small magnet.

The 3.5mm jack is also 3D printed, with the metal audio connections created from a wire that’s wrapped around the tiny plug. The headphone cord was made using a fabrick.it fabric connector.

3D Printed Headphone Jack

The tiny 3.5 mm jack was printed and wrapped in wire to form the audio connections

What amazed Karich when he put everything together, was that it worked, but they need a separate amplifier to play music from an iPhone or similar device.

“the sound quality is very nice against all expectations”

Watch this video and judge for yourself.

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