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Customize & 3D Print Games Characters with Sandboxr

| Model Making, News, Toy Making | April 3, 2013

Sandboxr 3D Printed Game Characters

Sandboxr lets you create and 3D print your own characters

Sandboxr is a Kickstarter project that lets you design and 3D print your own game characters using a powerful, but simple to use, 3D design application. The 3D software app lets you change your characters pose, facial expression, clothing and accessories and is aimed at anyone from professional artists and game developers to video game players.

The project has around a week left on Kickstarter but has only received $20,000 of its $125,000 goal. The Salt Lake City, Utah, company needs to fund the purchase of several full color professional 3D printers, such as those from Stratasys or 3D Systems, which are expensive.

What makes Sandboxr stand out from all the other 3D design applications is not just the apps powerful features, but that it can be tied-in to video games, movies and other media. This enables game developers, cartoon producers and movie merchandisers to offer 3D printed versions of their product’s characters to be delivered to fan’s front doors.

“Sandboxr lets users pose, scale, accessorize, and print character models uploaded by artists, animators, and game developers.” Kimber Streams – THE VERGE

Sandboxr 3D Printed Character Range

Sandboxr offers a virtually limitless design possibilities

If you’re a fan of game characters you can design your creation in the app, tell Sandboxr to 3D print it and they’ll ship it to your door. The photo above shows some of the possibilites that the app offers.

Sandboxr is also a merchandising platform that allows artists and brands to sell their 3D artwork and characters in a solid real-world form. Imagine being able to 3D print a version of your World of Warcraft character, or 3D print that end-of-level boss that you’ve just defeated. It also offers the possibility of 3D printing your favorite Pixar movie character without having to wait for the official merchandising in a local store.

Sandboxr Character Delivered

Get your custom 3D printed game character delivered to your door

At the moment Sandboxr is ready to with bringing their service to market and in the future, after funds for the 3D printers are pledged, they will expand their order fulfilment capabilities.

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