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botObjects Launches the ProDesk3D – The First Full-Color Desktop 3D Printer

| 3D Printers, News | April 29, 2013

botObjects Full Color Desktop 3D Printer

ProDesk3D - front and rear view

So far all home desktop 3D printers will only print models in single colors, so if you want to print full color models you’ll need access to a Stratasys or 3D Systems industrial machine. The botObjects ProDesk3D is the first affordable desktop full-color 3D printer that is set to hit the marketplace later this year.

Based in New York botObjects have just released some teaser specs of the new ProDesk3D and it seems to elevate itself from the plethora of 3D printer launches that we’ve seen recently. It uses a proprietary 5-color PLA cartridge system that mixes several primary printing colors to create any color within the printed object.

Several other features are designed to improve its ease of use and setup for the novice, including fast automatic setup, self-calibrating build platform and a true plug-n-play set-up. botObjects have also developed their own software which they promise is non-technical and simple to use, yet powerful.

In terms of the technical specification the ProDesk3D seems to offer industrial level accuracy and speed but at a prosumer level price. A dual-extruder head is caable of printing support material using a PVA-based material which helps improve accuracy and quality of the printed models. One other feature that improves print quality and consistency is a tri-fan system that keeps a consistant airflow and temperature within the enclosure.

Capable of a print resolution of 25 microns at “industry leading speeds” the ProDesk3D prints with PLA (along with the PVA support material) which compares favourably with 3D printers many times its (yet to be announced) price.

The following video shows the project developers Mike Duma and Martin Warner discussing the ProDesk3D printer’s development and exciting features.

EngineerVsDesigner-E67: botObjects 3D Printer from EvD Media on Vimeo.

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