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Barobo Launches 3D Printed Robot Kit for Education

| Consumer Electronics, Model Making, Toy Making | April 12, 2013

Barobo 3D Printed Robot

The Mobot-A robot kit requires a 3D printer to create the plastic parts

The Barobo Mobot-A is a modular robot with 3D printed components that is designed to help students learn about robotics by building a robot from its component parts.

The Mobot-A kit costs $139.95 and includes the internal electronics, motors and fasteners. The electronic files for the 3D part designs, assembly instructions and student curriculum are offered as a download.

“As 3D printers become more and more common place in the classroom there’s a need for engaging projects and curriculum to tie this powerful tool into science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) subjects,” said Graham Ryland, President and Co-founder of Barobo Incorporated. “We’re excited to launch the Mobot-A robot kit which offers students the opportunity to learn 21st century skills by building a robot from the ground up.”

The kit has become available after a beta-test period where over 300 Mobots were supplied to over 30 high schools to teach STEM subjects.

Once the Mobot’s plastic parts have been 3D printed it can attach to other robots to create new machines and students can design their own accessories to attach to it. This offers almost limitless possibilities of robot configurations and the included curriculum ties them into match and programming principles.

Barobo 3D Printed Robot Electronics

The Mobot-A kit includes all the electronics

The Borobo Mobot-A includes the following features:

Product Features

– Wireless programming over Bluetooth.

– Structured curriculum tying activities into STEM subject

– Kids learn 21st century skills.

Included in the Mobot-A Kit

– Electronics, Motor, Batteries, and Fasteners

– Detailed Assembly Instruction and Curriculum

– Easy to use Software

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