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3D Printed Fashion Exhibited in London

| 3D Printers, Fashion, Shapeways | April 11, 2013

Fashion designers are increasingly embracing 3D printing technology to create garments and accessories that can’t be produced using existing manufacturing methods. We’ve already seen Dita Von Teese wear a fully 3D printed dress and a design concept for a home clothes printer that could change the way we buy designer goods.

To showcase what is currently possible an exhibition entitled “Layer by Layer” at London’s Fashion Space Gallery has just opened that features 3D printed creations from a host of designers.

The exhibition will also feature demonstrations using a Makerbot Replicator 2 printer which will be run twice a day, and will be used to create new work by jeweller Silvia Weidenbach.
Fashion Space Gallery has worked with Shapeways, a leading 3D printing marketplace, to produce a materials library which will be used to illustrate the number of materials and finishes that are possible for fashion designers to use in their designs.

Pq Eyewear – Ron Arad

Pq Eyewear 3D Printed

The one piece design eliminates hinge parts from the arms

Ron Arad has been using 3D printers since 1999 to produce lifestyle products and launched Pq Eyewear in 2012 as a way of using new materials and processes into the eyewear industry. These 3D printed glasses are made in one piece using a selective laser sintering (SLS) process from a nylon powder.

The arms have a slatted hinge that enables them to bend when not in use and also comfortably fits the head when worn. This is stronger than using fragile metal hinges that can easily break.

The Melonia Shoe – Naim Josephi & Souzan Yusouf

The Melonia Shoe

The Melonia shoe has already been seen on the catwalk in 2010

You might think that the Melonia shoe would hot hold the weight of the person wearing them but this shoe has already been worn on the catwalk by fashion models in 2010. Designed by fashion designer Naim Josefi, and industrial designer Souzan Yusouf, the shoe is printed by i.materialise.

The designers envision that customers will enter a store, have their foot scanned and their shoes be printed as they wait in a recyclable material.

Marla-Marchant 3D Printed Shoe

Marla Marchant 3D Printed Shoe

Marla's works are based on a suspension frame design

The 3D printed metal suspension frame structure allows Marla Marchant to construct intricate hand-woven designs which incrementally progress from a stylized court shoe toward an entirely abstracted form.

E_Style Shoes – Hoon Chung

E_Style Shoes Hoon Chung

The E_Style shoe is printed in one-piece but using 2 different materials

One of the advantages of 3D printers is that they can print one object in multiple materials. This is demonstrated by Hoon Chung in the E_Style shoes where the upper is made with a soft, flexible material and the heel, sole and shank are printed in a hard plastic that provides excellent support and wear properties.

Producing the shoe in one piece also reduces waste material and avoids the use of toxic glues. It’s also less likely to fall apart.

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