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Wilson Golf use 3D Printers for Golf Club Development

| Sports Technology, Stratasys | March 15, 2013

3D Printed Wilson Driver Head

Wilson Golf 3D print golf clubs for evaluation of design prototypes. Photo:mygolfspy.com

The Wilson Golf Innovation Center makes extensive use of 3D printers to create golf club rapid-prototypes that are  used by the R&D departement.

Over the last couple of decades the game of golf has seen a massive increase in the amount of technology that goes into the golf club. To stay ahead of the competition manufacturers incorporate the latest manufacturing technologies and materials into their equipment. Carbon composite materials, CAD designed club heads and golf shot robots have all combined to make golf clubs that are more forgiving and make the ball longer.

myGolfspy.com¬†recently took a took of Wilson’s golf club design facilities and were shown how the latest technologies are not only used in the clubs themselves, but also in their development.

Stratasys FDM 3D Printer at Wilson

A Stratasys FDM churns out club head prototypes. Photo:mygolfspy.com

These days most of the big golf club manufacturers design their golf club heads on CAD 3D modelling software. This made it easy for Wilson to produce prototypes on their FM Maxum Stratasys 3D printer.

Four or five variations of a new club head are printed and are shown to other departments for their feedback.

“This has helped to increase the speed of the design process tremendously.”, Steve Junkroski, the manager of Wilson’s Special Order Department

3D Printed Wilson Tennis Racquet Prototype

Tennis equipment also benefits from rapid-prototyping. Photo:mygolfspy.com

Wilson’s Special Order Department designs and manufactures the golf clubs that their sponsored pros use on tour, including 3-time major winner Padraig Harrington and US Open runner-up Ricky Barnes.

Wilson also uses 3D printer rapid-prototyping for developing products for other sports equipment departments.

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