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WaElice is a 3D Printed Modular Lamp

| 3D Printers, Consumer Electronics | March 22, 2013

Waelice 3D Printed Light Sculpture

The WaElice is controlled remotely through an app

3D printing technology is finding its was into all areas, including architecture and interior design. ‘WaElice’ from French design studio nodesign is an interactive 3D printed wall lamp.

The lamp consists of light modules that contain an LED and and electronic controller which allows the color and intensity of the LED’s light to be changed. Each module has its own IP address and is controlled remotely using a smartphone or tablet app. The user can set these light parameters to match their mood or give a particular ambiance to a room.

WaElice Light Module

Each light module has its own IP address

To further enhance the personalization of the wall lamp any number of LED modules can be connected in any configuration making each WaElice unique.

nodesign are using the WaElice to show how production methodology is changing with the advance of 3D printers, where now its possible for the designer to also be the manufacturer of their products.

In the presentation video below, NoDesign show how the WaElice can be completely controlled with their easy to use app on a tablet computer.

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