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The World’s First 3D Printed Snowboard Hits the Slopes

| Sports Technology | March 21, 2013

3D Printed Snowboard on the Slopes

Signal Snowboards' factory 3D printed a snowboard

For those who predict that 3D printing will replace traditional manufacturing techniques, this Signal Snowboards project might be a speed bump. They have just finished their first attempt at a 3D printed snowboard with mixed results.

Snowboards are usually made of laminates, wood, resin and P-Tex but Dave Lee, Signal Snowboards’ founder, decided to test whether a 3D printed snowboard could be used to slay the slopes of Colorado.

A basic CAD design of snowboard was printed on a laser-sintering Objet Connex 3D printer. As the snowboard’s dimensions were too big to be printed in one piece it was split up into several interlocking tiles that were assembled after printing.

Objet Connex 500 Snowboard

A laser sintering 3D printer was used to create the snowboard

Laser Sintered Snowboard

After laser sintering the excess material was removed to reveal the snowboard's pieces

Once the pieces were assembled the completed snowboard was found to be too flexible so three metal bars were bolted to it to provide the stiffness needed for it to be ridden.

Snowboard Gets Steel Bracing

The snowboard needed a little help to stay in one piece

Time to hit the slopes! Dave Lee and Signal sponsored rider Matt Guess put the 3D printed board through its paces on Colorado’s snowy slopes. Check out the video below:

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