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Stratasys Launches the Objet OrthoDesk 3D Printer for Small Dental Labs

| Medical Technology, Objet, Stratasys | March 20, 2013

Stratasys Objet30 OrthoDesk 3D Printer

The Stratasys Objet30 OrthoDesk is for small dental labs

Stratasys have recently launched the Objet30 OrthoDesk 3D printer which is specially designed for orthodontic labs and clinics. What’s special about this model is that it’s designed for smaller dental labs, which up until now were priced out of providing digital orthodontics.

Digital orthodontics using 3D printing is fast becoming the industry standard way of producing orthotics and computerizes all steps, from a CAD file to model fabrication. The whole process from physical impressions to the final product is automated, reducing production times, increasing lab capacity and improving patient satisfaction.

“Stratasys continues to make digital orthodontics happen, one lab and clinic at a time,” said Avi Cohen, Director of Global Dental at Stratasys. “We are excited to launch the Objet30 OrthoDesk and bring the most accurate 3D printing technology to all the smaller labs and clinics who want to benefit from the future of orthodontics, today.”

The Stratasys Objet30 OrthoDesk offers several advantages over conventional methods:

  • Digitizes orthodontic workflow
  • Dramatically accelerates production times
  • Significantly increases production capacity
  • Eliminates physical impressions
  • Allows digital storage of models
Objet30 Mouth Guard 3D Printed Model

A 3D printed mouth guard and model


The Objet30 OrthoDesk uses specialized dental printed materials that are stored in sealed cartridges and it can 3D print stone models, delivery and positioning trays, orthodontic appliances, clear, aligners, surgical guides and retainers. To improve efficiency up to 20 models can be produced per print run, and they are printed faster and more accurately than ever.

The Objet30 printer is based on patented Objet PolyJet 3D printing technology and works by spraying ultrafine layers of material for the smoothest and most accurate models.  With a tray size of 300 x 200 x 100mm (11.81 x 7.87 x 3.94 inches) it has a small desktop footprint but is more than capable for smaller orthodontic labs and clinics.

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