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NU 3D Printed Bracelet is Shaped by Sound

| 3D Printers, Fashion, Shapeways | March 18, 2013

NU 3D Printed Bracelet

A NU's design is 3D printed from music

The Invisible Light Network have presented the NU, a 3D printed bracelet, at the SXSW festival. What’s special about this piece of jewelry is that it’s design is derived from music.

One of the exciting benefits of 3D printer technology is that as each layer upon layer of material is deposited during a print complex shapes and patterns can be created. Taking advantage of this manufacturing complexity ILN uses the complexity of sound to create the NU’s shape.

ILN used the new Shapeways API to create their service which utilizes data from audio analysis to define physical structures. The NU’s custom fabrication algorithm uses six pieces of audio data:

  • The BPM of the song determines the overall complexity of the folding pattern
  • Beat emphasis determines the ratio of folding from left to right
  • Syncopation determines the ratio of folding from front to back
  • Beat intensity controls the depth of the folding pattern
  • Song length determines how far the holes extend
  • Rythmic Complexity controls the ratio of the inner ring’s folding scale to the outer ring’s folding scale
  • Frequency distribution determines the depth of the inner ring’s folding pattern
NU Bracelet Takes Shape from Sound

A NU bracelet costs between $50 and $100

Once the customer has provided a music track to produce their NU bracelet it is 3D printed by Shapeways using their Laser Sintered Nylon Plastic and UV Cured Acrylic Polymer materials. The NU costs between $50 and $100 and can be ordered from here.

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