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Nike Lebron X Prototyped with Z-Corp 3D Printer

| 3D Printers, Sports Technology | March 4, 2013

Nike Lebron X 3D Printed Sneaker

Nike's Lebron X was prototyped on a 3D printer

Like many sport’s sponsorships Nike give their sports stars input on products that bear their name. The new Nike Lebron X basketball sneaker was no exception, but this time a 3D printed prototype was created to give the design team and Lebron a better idea of what the shoe would look like.

The finished shoe above has gone through a lot of design changes, based on input from Lebron, since the 3D printed prototype was initially created (image below). The prototype was printed using a Z-Corp 3D printer which produces multi-material and multi-color prints.

Nike Lebron X 3D Printed Sneaker Prototype

This prototype went through a lot of changes before it made production

A multi-colored and multi-material 3D print enabled the designers, and Lebron, get a more realistic expectation of how the shoe would look when it hits production. One of the more important design aspects was the placement of the Nike swoosh and Lebron decided that a unique reverse logo was the way to go.

Nike Lebron X 3D Printed Sneaker Prototype Sole

The sole features and intricate tread pattern

The 3D printer was ideally suited to create the intricate sole pattern for the shoe’s prototype and the Z-Corp printer was able to create this in a red material. If you want to emulate Lebron on the court or just want to sport the latest sneaker fashion then check out the Lebron X.

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