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New Kevvox 3D Printers Streamline the Design and Print Process

| Fashion, News | March 12, 2013

Kevvox 3D Printers

Kevvox 3D printers and design software simplify the print process from start to finish

Kevvox, a Singaporean technology company, have just launched two new 3D printers that aim to simplify the whole printing process when used with their 3D design software package. The printers were unveiled at the International Jewelry Show in Hong Kong.

Both Kevvox 3D printers use LED / DLP technology and uses liquid materials to print in ABS, wax and a photopolymer material that can be used to create vulcanized rubber molds. These material print capabilities pitch the Kevvox printers at the jewelry industries, where wax casting is often used, and for dental laboratories where was and rubber molding is required.

Two models have been launched, the SP4300 and the SP6200, with 2.2″ x 1.38″ x 3.94″ and 3.15″ x “1.97″ x 3.94″ build volumes respectively. The SP4300 can print at a resolution of 43 µm and the SP6200 prints at 62 µm. While not offering massive build volumes the printers offer good resolution and build size for the jewelry and dental applications, where a larger print base may be wasted.

Kevvox K-Studio Design Software

K-Studio design software complements Kevvox's 3D printers

The K-Studio software was developed after research by Kevvox found there was a lack of integration with 3D printers with current design solutions. K-Studio features a simple, intuitive user interface and advanced functionality. It’s capable of managing the entire 3D printing process and projects can be shared easily. It also has the ability to work with multiple 3D printers concurrently with full object analysis and advanced editing tools

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