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Mini-Crossbow 3D Printed in a Single Piece : Video

| 3D Printers, Toy Making | March 12, 2013

Crossbows aren’t really used much anymore, having been supplanted by the gun, but they are still used in shooting sports and recreational hunting.

Defcad have been hitting the headlines by developing 3D printed guns, but this is the first 3D printed crossbow.

Although this mini-crossbow is too small for taking out zombie hordes, it’s impressive in that it has been 3D printed in one single piece. All that is needed is a string that is glued to the bow’s arms.

Designed and printed in a day by Chris from trenchphysics.com the crossbow features a pull-trigger that uses the plastic as a spring. It’s printed in ABS and Chris had to print support material using Slic3r set to a rectilinear pattern with 2.5mm spacing with a 5 degree rotational offset.

Download the files from Thingyverse and prepare for armageddon.

Daryl Crossbow Walking Dead

Crossbows are useful for killing zombies

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