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Massive Dynamics Receives First PrintForge 3D Printers; Sends them for Expert’s Evaluation

| 3D Systems, News, Stratasys | March 20, 2013

Massive Dynamics 3D Printing

Massive Dynamics sent its new 3D printers to J.J.Howard for evaluation

Massive Dynamics have received their first batch of PrintForge 3D printers not long after acquiring the Hong Kong based company.  According to the MSSD press release the printers have an “approachable aesthetic among other attractive qualities”.

Massive Dynamics have previously stated their intention to be a one-stop shop for any 3D printing need, and their take-over of PrintForge was their first step. Along with supplying the 3D printers they will also sell the associated consumables, such as filament, and add-on products, such as design software.

“I am very proud of the work our team has done to get us to this point. It is our goal to start getting our printers in the hands of consumers so that they can benefit from the 3D Printing Revolution,” said President Oscar Hines.

The PrintForge printers are said to be light, of a sleek design and compatible with Windows based PC systems which, they say, will make them accessible to the average consumer or hobbyist.

In order to further improve their product Massive Dynamics have sent their PrintForge printer to Jonathan J. Howard who will review the printer and assess any potential upgrades. Howard, a renowned technologist, will work as a consultant to Massive Dynamics and employs a team of recognized experts in varied technology disciplines at his Rochester, NY HQ. Howard is no stranger to the tech segment as he has previously developed product roadmaps for Intel, Compaq, AMD and Apple.

With its recent acquisitions of expertise and hardware, Massive Dynamics does seem to be very serious about taking on the veterans of the 3D printing industry, such as 3D Systems and Stratasys.

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