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Makies 3D Printed Dolls Straight from your iPad

| 3D Printers, Toy Making | March 5, 2013

Makies 3D Printed Dolls

Makielabs have launched an iPad app where you can design your own 3D printed Makie doll

Makielabs have just released their Makies Doll Factory app for iPad that lets you design as many Makie dolls as you want, which you can then order from the app to be 3D printed. Makies are the world’s first 3D printed toy.

Makielabs is based in London, England and their chairwoman is Martha Lane Fox, a UK e-commerce pioneer who founded Lastminute.com.

The Makies Doll Factory app lets you create a customizable Makie doll and choose from a range of outfits for him/her to wear. You choose the eye color, shape and size, eye brow length and height, hair color and style etc. Once you’re happy with your doll design you can order a 3D printed 10″ tall version. A basic Makie costs $95 (£59.99) and with additional costs for an outfit and accessories (sunglasses, spectacles and posed hands).

Makies stand out from other 3D printed items in that they are now CE certified, that is, they have been tested as safe (not a choking hazard etc) for sale in the European Union. This certification was mainly due to using a 3D printable bio-plastic which is safe for human use (and is often used in dental applications).

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