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Large Format Gigabot 3D Printer Reaches Kickstarter Target

| 3D Printers, News | March 12, 2013

Gigabot Large Format 3-printer

The Gigabot's print volume is 30x that of most desktop 3D printers

There seems to be a new 3D printer being launched everyday, especially on Kickstarter, but the Gigabot sets itself apart by having a huge build envelope, an astonishing 24″ x 24″ x 24″. Created by re:3D, based in Austin Texas, the Gigabot has already raised over $80,000 in funding, twice its goal, and it still has two months to run.

re:3D aim to bring affordable large-format 3D printing to the masses and with the Gigabot priced at $2,750 they will hope that the lure of its ability to print large objects will temp customers away from the cheaper competition.

Most consumer level printers have a 6″ x “6 x 6″ build volume, with some at 8″ x 8″ x 8″, but the Gigabot has 30x the print volume of these printers. Print quality is not sacrificed due to size, it has a 100 micro layer resolution capability. To get this size of 3D print you’d have to stump up tens of $1000′s to get an Objet or Stratasys machine.

Gigabot Multi Object 3D Prints

The huge print bed allows many objects to be printed at once

The huge print bed gives the Gigabot the ability to print several objects at the same time which will cut down on manufacturing time and costs. Although this feature may run into a patent issue with Stratasys who have been granted a patent for printing multiple models on the same build platform.

The Gigabot does not feature a heated bed so is not able to print large objects in ABS, but it’s optimized for PLA. re:3D will be developing the Gigabot in the coming months and future development of a heated bed is planned.

Watch the Kickstarter project below to get an idea of the size of this 3D printer and what it’s capable of.

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