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iMakr to Open World’s Largest 3D Printing Store in London

| News, Shapeways | March 31, 2013

iMakr 3D Printing Store

The iMakr store in central London, England will open in April

Entrepreneurs are creating several different ways to bring 3D printing to the masses. We have online 3D printer services, such as Shapeways, who will print your designs for a fee and ship them to you. But if you want to see 3D printing in action then you have to visit a physical store which have opened around the world, the latest of which will be the iMakr store in London, England.

We’ve already reported that Solidoodle announced they are opening stores in Russia and that there’s even a 3D printer museum in China, but what sets the iMakr store apart is that it’s going to be the world’s largest.

Coming in at 2,500 square-feet the iMakr store will open on Regent Street in Central London and will feature a large selection of entry level priced 3D printers, read sub $2,000, as well as 3D scanners, filament materials, as well as other consumables and accessories. As well as offering 3D printers for sale the iMakr store will offer demos and workshops for intrigued consumers to learn about this new technology.

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