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Dutch 3D Printed House to be Built by 2014

| 3D Printer Material, News | March 29, 2013

KamerMaker 3D Printed House

The KamerMaker printer can produce 6m high models

The Dutch seem to be leading the way in efforts to create the first 3D printed house, first we had Universe Architecture, and now Amsterdam based DUS Architects have demonstrated their specially built KamerMaker (literally, RoomMaker). This 20ft (6-meter) tall 3D printer can print in polypropylene components up to 7.2 x 7.2 x 11.5 ft (2.2 x 2.2 x 3.5 meters).

DUS Architects intend to start building a canal house using the KamerMaker in the next few months with the aim of completing construction by the end of the year. The building blocks will be printed on site which saves transportation costs and reduces environmental impact, and they hope that in the future the KamerMaker can print using recycled plastics.

KamerMaker 6m Tall Construction

Large building blocks are printed from a plastic material

The company believes this 3D printed building method will lead to a unique form of custom architecture, with less costs, using less resources, producing less waste.

DUS Architects initially prototyped 1:20 scale components printed on a Ultimaker 3D printer, before developing the KamerMaker which will print the full size components.

Whether their polypropylene material is the best choice for building construction has not yet been proven and most other 3D printed building projects are trying to use traditional building materials, such as concrete. The following video demonstrates what’s already possible with concrete 3D printing.

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