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Dreambox: The First 3D Printer Vending Machine Created by Three Berkeley Students

| 3D Printers, News | March 6, 2013

Dreambox 3D Printing Vending Machine

The Dreambox lets you upload your design and notifies you when its finished 3D printing

Three UC Berkeley students, David Pastewka, Richard Berwick and Will Drevno have created Dreambox, the worlds first 3D printing vending machine.

Motivation for the project began when they were having difficulty with inaccessible campus 3D printers and long wait times for other 3D printing services. They decided to build an automated vending machine that allows users to remotely upload designs which are then 3D printed ready for the customer to collect.

Aimed at corporate, school and retail locations the Dreambox is connected to a cloud-based computing system that provides customer 24/7 on-site pickup and secure storage of the printed item.

The customer uploads their design, or chooses a design from 1000′s in a database, and their print is queued at their local Dreambox. Once the design has been printed it is automatically held in a secure storage locker and the customer is sent an access code via text message.

The Dreamboxes are custom built to order and can be specified with one or more 3D printers and any number of secure lockers depending on customer requirements. The Dreambox can print in ABS (engineering plastic), PLA (bioplastic), nylon, wood, metals, and more materials are planned in the future.

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