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Defense Distributed Granted License to 3D Print Guns

| News, Stereolithography | March 18, 2013

Cody Wilson Firing 3D Printed Gun

The founder of Defense Distributed has now got an arms manufacturing license

Cody Wilson, founder of Defense Distributed, has been granted a Type 7 Federal Firearms License (FFL) which will allow him to make and sell weapons that he 3D prints.

Defense Distributed have been working on creating 3D printed gun parts, such as AR15 lowers and magazines, which can withstand the stresses of being used in a real gun. The 3D files for the parts are available for public download from the DefCAD website.

The Type 7 license was granted by the U.S Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agency and gives Wilson government approval to make, sell and distribute guns.

“The big thing it allows me to do is that it makes me manufacture under the law—everything that manufacturers are allowed to do.”, Mr Wilson told Ars Technica, “I can sell some of the pieces that we’ve been making. I can do firearms transactions and transport.”

Wired magazine has previously described the Texan, who is a law student, as one of the 15 most dangerous people in the world. He applied for his license six months ago, with licenses normally taking around 60 days to be granted. Which just goes to shows the new territory that Defense Distributed are going into.

Defense Distributed Firearms License

Defense Distributed posted this image to their Facebook page with 'Look who now has a license to manufacture firearms! The work begins!'

Wilson won’t start making guns immediately as he wants to get an ‘add-on’ to the license which will allow him to make a wider range of firearms, including fully automatic guns.

A completely 3D printed gun may be a little beyond current 3D printer technology, but SLA printed gun parts that have already been proven to work can now be sold to offset the costs of the DD project.

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