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Cosmetic Packaging Prototyped with Objet 3D Printers

| 3D Printer Material, Fashion, Objet, Stratasys | March 30, 2013

3D Printed Cosmetics Packaging

Collcap Packing is using Objet 3D printers to prototype cosmetics packaging

With all of the amazing new applications that 3D printers are being developed for, such as building construction and firearms, it’s easy to forget how the technology is already helping to develop products that we already buy. Once example is the UK’s Collcap Packaging and how they are using 3D printers to prototype the packaging for cosmetic products.

This Stratasys blog story explains that Collcap use an Objet30 Pro desktop 3D printing system to help them develop perfume and cosmetics packaging for the most famous luxury brands in the world. It’s able to print in seven different materials, including the VeroClear transparent material, which allows them to realistically replicate a glass bottle in a 3D print.

In the past a prototype package would require special tooling to be made, which takes time and is expensive, and any subsequent modifications that were requested by the client would result in the project being delayed.

With their Objet 3D printer they are able to create a prototype model in a matter of hours from the customer’s design and present it to them for evaluation. Any changes that are requested can easily be dealt with, with just a quick update of the 3D design and a re-print.

Once the prototype has been signed off by the customer the design can be sent to the glass cutters and then on to final manufacturing.

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