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Celebrate your Climbing Exploits with a 3D Printed Mountain

| 3D Printers, Sports Technology | March 5, 2013

Terrainator 3D Printed Mountain

The Terrainator lets you create a 3D printed scale model of a mountain

If you’re a mountain climber how do you commemorate conquering a mountain? A simple photo at the top? How about creating a 3D printed model of the peak in all its glory.

The Terrainator┬áis a website that gives you the opportunity to select a rocky region and get it 3D printed for around $45. Dan Wilson, who’s based in the UK, decided to create the website after visiting several eye-catching places such as Yosemite in California and Tignes in the French Alps.

Dan had the brainwave to combine his interest in 3D printing with his travel experiences and create a way to make small scale models of his favorite places. His map model service lets you select the geographical area that you’re interested in using Google Maps, and the site then creates a 3D model which can be printed. $45 gets you a small three-inch square model.

Terrainator 3D Printed Mountain Model

Terrain in the UK, the Alps and the western-US is currently available

Currently the geographical areas are limited to the western US, the UK and the Alps, but more data is constantly being added. For future improvements Dan wants to allow bigger prints, accurate colorization and buildings.

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