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3D Printing with Paper from Staples in Europe

| 3D Printer Material, 3D Printers, News | March 14, 2013

3D Printing in Paper at Staples Europe

A paper skull printed on an Mcor Iris 3D printer

Last November Staples finalized a deal with Irish 3D printer company Mcor to launch a new 3D printing service called “Staples Easy 3D. What’s unique about this service is that customer’s products will be 3D printed in PAPER! That’s right plain old office paper, not something that’s in short supply at Staples.

The online 3D paper printing service will allow customers to upload 3D files to the Staples Office Center and pick up the models in their local Staples store, or have them shipped to their home address.

The service will use the Mcor IRIS 3D printer which is able to print in full color (1 million+) using four CYMK + black ink jet cartridges. It can print in full color on 43lb ply letter paper, or 160gsm A4 paper in Europe. This makes it the printer with the lowest operating costs, as there is no high-priced PLA filament to purchase for the prints.

Mcor was started by the MacCormack brothers who founded the company in 2005 and began developing a 3D printer that could print using paper.

Mcor Iris 3D Printer

The Mcor IRIS 3D prints in true color using office paper. Looks expensive.

“We wanted to upset the status quo. It’s one thing that the prices of the machines are coming down, but the material prices are going in the opposite direction, we really felt that inhibited people from printing.”, says Dr. Conor MacCormack.

With this Staples deal Mcor look set to move forward as pioneers in the industry and are now receiving venture capital from Silicon Valley and support from the Irish government.

The Staples Easy 3D service is currently being offered in the Netherlands and Belgium with the service being rolled out into other European countries throughout the rest of the year.

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