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3D Printers Featured on the BBC’s The One Show

| 3D Printers, Objet | March 31, 2013

The BBC’s The One Show is a live magazine program that features topical stories and celebrity guests. They also report on the latest technological advances, including 3D printing which in shown in the video above.

The presenters who introduce the film thought that it was an April’s Fool joke, in that objects could be printed using a machine similar to an inkjet printer.

The report does a good job of explaining what a 3D printer is and what it can be used for, such as printing parts for a Formula 1 race car. Future advances in 3D printing are also explored including the aim of printing a whole aircraft by 2050.

“The only limit is the size of the 3D printers themselves”

The report finishes with a live demonstration of a Objet 3D printer linked up to a laptop with a 3D model of an object. Unfortunately the YouTube video is a recording on someone’s cell phone of their TV and it stops at this point.

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