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3D Printed Success Kid

| 3D Printers, Model Making | March 3, 2013

3D Printed Success Kid

Get your own 3D printed "Success Kid" from Shapeways

Success Kid is one of the most popular internet memes of all time and a 3D printed version is available on Shapeways.

The meme has a picture of a toddler who has a smug expression on his face, interpreted as expressing either success of frustration depending on the accompanying text. Most memes show Success Kid with caption describing a situation that goes better then expected. The original image was taken on a beach in 2007 by Laney Griner of her 11-month-old son Sammy.

This 3D printed version was designed by “ryankittleson” and is printed in full color sandstone, and costs $12.99. So if you need reminding of how awesome you are put this little guy on your desk at work or even make a keyring out of him. Every time you need inspiration just looked at him and be spurred into action.

Watch this cool video to see how the Success Kid was modeled before being sent to the 3D printer. You’ll be amazed at how much work went into producing this little guy.

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