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3D Printed Pottery App Lets You Design Your Own Pot

| Ceramic 3D Printing, Model Making, Z-Corp | March 13, 2013

3D Printed Pottery App

There's no need to sit at the pottery wheel with this app

The Let’s Create! app lets you design and paint pottery on your smartphone or table and then get it 3D printed in all it’s colorful glory.

French 3D printing service Sculpteo has teamed with Polish cell phone app company Infinate Dreams to create the app so you can “throw the clay on the virtual wheel”. The app uses Sculteo’s “3D Printing Cloud Engine” which makes it easier for designers and shops to utilize their 3D printing service from within apps and online stores.

After you have created your pot’s shape and colored design your can order a 3D print of it from Sculpteo, in several different sizes. You have a choice of 3 pot sizes, 15 CM high, 10cm and 5cm, with the smaller pots being cheaper to buy.

The pots are printed on ZCorp’s 3D printers using their fine mineral-based powder, which offers full color (16 million of them) in a single print. After printing the pot is infiltrated with a cyanoacrylate glue and the object is as had and brittle as porcelain.

Once you’ve designed your pot you can share it with other potters at the PotteryGame social website where users can vote for the “Pot of the Day”. So far, 250,000 virtual pots have been created.

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