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3D Printed Google Glass and Look Like an Ubergeek

| Consumer Electronics, Mobile Communications | March 31, 2013

3D Printed Google Glass Copy

3D print your own Google Glass to look like your on the cutting edge of technology

One of the most anticipated tech gadget of 2013 is Google Glass, which are currently only available to a select group of Glass Explorer Program members for a cool $1,500. But as most of us mere mortals won’t be seeing Google Glass for a while yet , those who do have a 3D printer can now get their very own 3D printed Google Glasses.

Google Glass is already causing a stir within the tech community for their groundbreaking integrated technology that includes 720p HD video recording, Google Maps integration and augmented reality features. Concerns are also being raised relating to intrusion of privacy and the possibility of driver distraction, with some states already banning them from being worn when driving.

Dutch duo¬†Sander Veenhof and Klasien van de Zandschulp decided that they needed a pair before anyone else and after discovering a design drawing on Google Sketchup they created their own. Their non-functioning 3D printed glasses look pretty much the same as Google’s originals, even including the small transparent “display” that is cut and affixed separately.

The copies will fool most of the general public and wearing the fake 3D printed Google Glasses might impress some unobservant geeks, but they could get you banned from restaurants and bars. The 5 Point Cafe in Seattle has already told their Facebook followers that wearers will not be welcome and an “ass kicking will be encouraged for violators”. Ouch.

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