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3D Print James Bond’s N64 GoldenEye Remote Mines

| MakerBot, Model Making, Toy Making | March 28, 2013

3D Printed N64 GoldenEye Remote Mines

The remote mines from the 90's N64 console Bond game

If you are a Bond fan and were a gamer in the 90′s you might have played the GoldenEye 007 game on the Nintendo 64. This movie/video game tie-in is considered one of the best games of that decade and you can relive it somewhat with this 3D printed remote mine.

The remote mine was one of the weapons of choice in that game and its 3D design is available on Thingiverse for download. The GoldenEye mine in the above photo was printed on a MakerBot 2 3D printer and contains some simple electronics to flash the LEDs when the red ‘arming’ button is pressed.

Interestingly enough the mine props used in the original film were made from PC Commander Plus SV-207A joysticks for a PC computer. Bond enthusiasts have been making their GoldenEye mines from these for years but they’re getting harder to find, and quite expensive. The 3D printed version is a lot cheaper and, like any good “Q”, you’ll be able to make as many as you need for your latest mission.

The mine contains a couple of magnets so it can attach to a host of metal surfaces, like the door in the following video that lasts exactly 007 seconds.

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