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Three 3D Printer Valentine’s Day Gifts

| 3D Printers | February 14, 2013

Maximum Love Screwless Heart Gears 3D Printer Project

This huge heart gets the point across

We featured 3D printed chocolates yesterday as a great Valentine’s gift, here are a few more 3D printer ideas for romantics out there.

Geared Heart

by apexio on ThingyVerse

How big is your love? If it’s big then the screwless heart gears pictured above is just for you. It takes 50 hours to print on a Replicator MakerBot 3D printer and weighs over 800 grams.

This geared heart is the largest around and is the biggest size that can be printed on a Replicator 3D printer. However, print it on a Replicator 2 and it can be 37% bigger!

Flower 3D Printer Project

This Valentine's, say it with 3D printed flowers

Romantic Flower

by markab on ThingyVerse

A bunch of flowers is the default gift option on this annual lovers occasion. But make it a bit more personal and from the heart by creating your own 3D printed flowers.

They’re a lot cheaper than real flowers and they are a lot easier to “grow”. If she doesn’t like them you can always “plant” them in your garden and impress your neighbors.

Blossom Heart 3D Printed Jewelry

3D printed jewelry is always appreciated

Heart Pendant

by Vaclav Mazany on ShapeWays

Jewelry is always appreciated, but expensive. This 3D printed heart shaped pendant is stylish, technologically advanced and fairly priced. Unfortunately you can’t print it out yourself and you’ll have to wait for it in the mail.

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