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LEGO 3D Printer Built by Teenager

| 3D Printers, News, RepRap | February 13, 2013

Lego 3D Printer

This LEGO 3D printer was made by a Greek teenager

Every kid knows you can make anything with LEGO. From little houses to realistic model cars with six speed gearboxes and V12 engines. Taking this to the next level, one Greek 15-year old school kid has created a 3D printer using LEGO Mindstorms pieces.

This is not a 3D printer that can print LEGO pieces but a 3D printer MADE from LEGO pieces. Marios Papachristou, a high school student, was inspired by the GNU RepRap 3D printer and a 3D milling machine to create his machine.

Resembling the RepRap printer, Marios’ LEGO version is capable of drilling floral foam to create 3D objects. As well as building the LEGO printer he has also developed the software to control the printer using the LeJOS NXJ programming language.

After completing the printer Mario will release instructions for its construction so that anyone can build one, in accordance with the open source principles of this project. Here’s a short video showing a computer rendered visualization of an early prototype version of the LEGO 3D printer.

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