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Iran Creates Its First 3D Printer, Prints Fighter Jet. Well Maybe…

| 3D Printers, News | February 14, 2013

Iranian Fighter Jet 3D Printed

Iran has announced a new 3D printer. Was it used to print its "new" fighter jet?

The Iranian news agency Mehr has proudly announced that Iran has developed its own 3D printer that it says can print objects in microscopic scale.

3D printing technology has been out of reach of the Iranian state due to sanctions placing restrictions on their export to the country from the U.S and Europe. This is because 3D printers can be used for military purposes as well as less benign applications in medicine and education.

According to the Mehr report experts at Iran’s Isfahan University of Technology have been working on their 3D printer for 3 years and the technology they have developed has been patented in Iran.

Although we believe that Iran has their own 3D printers the Gulf state has been known for telling porkies about its technological advancements, such as monkey’s in space and new fighter jets.

Perhaps their new 3D printers can print advanced fighter jets?

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