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Gummy Men Created with 3D Printed Molds

| 3D Printers, 3D Scanners, News | February 27, 2013

3D Printed Gummy

Japanese 3D Printing workshop offers men

After offering ladies a chance to give their loved ones personalized chocolates on Valentine’s Day, Tokyo’s Fab Cafe are now giving men the chance of creating gummy replicas of themselves. In Japan it’s the ladies who give their sweethearts the gifts on Valentine’s Day and the men return gifts a month later, for White Day on the 14th March.

For 6,000 Yen ($65) Fab Cafe’s male customers can have their bodies 3D scanned into a computer and the resulting 3D model file is used to create a plug for the mold using a ProjetHD 3D Systems 3D printer.

Full Body 3D Scan for Gummy

A 3D scanner is used to capture the subject's shape

3D Scanned Human Gummy

The 3D computer model before being sent to the 3D printer

A silcone mold is made from the plug and filled with molten gummy goodness which is allowed to set.

This is a two day workshop course with the first session consisting of the men being 3D scanned into the computer. The following week the 3D printed molds will be completed for each of the men from the first session and they can them make their gummy dopplegangers for White Day.

Find out more here on Fab Cafe’s site:

“We have prepared a plan to use high-spec 3D printers, 3D scanners again, they make a gummy whole body of you who do not lose the impact of the chocolate face.”

“Please try to express the feelings of loved ones with the whole body.”

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