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Formlab’s Form 1 3D Printer Reaches Production, Deliveries by May

| 3D Printers, 3D Systems, Formlabs | February 9, 2013

FormLabs Form 1 3D Printer Parts

The FormLabs Form 1 is ready to ship after some patent issues

After receiving nearly $3 million in Kickstarter pledges the FormLabs Form 1 3D printer is ramping up to full production. They have sources enough components to build over 1,000 or the Form 1 3D printers.

FormLabs are expecting to deliver a large majority of the orders by the end of April that were promised to Kickstarter funders. After this time the regular orders will start to be shipped.

Formlabs Form1 3D Printer

The Formlabs Form 1 3D printer aims to bring stereolithography 3D printing down to a sub-$3,000 price. Photo:Formlabs

It has been a bit of a rocky path to get the Form 1 to market after their initial massive success in Kickstarter funding. Before production began they were embroiled in a patent infringement lawsuit from 3D Systems. FormLabs believed that they were using several expired patents and so were in their rights. 3D Systems aslo had a beef with Kickstarter  whom they accused of promoting infringing products.

FormLabs clam that the Form 1 can offer better quality prints than competing 3D printers and quality that rivals more expensive printers.


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