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Dutch Architect’s Mind-Bending 3D Printed House

| 3D Printer Material, News | February 27, 2013

Landscape House 3D Printed Home

The 3D printed Landscape House will be modeled on a Mobius strip

Dutch architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars of the Dutch company Universe Architecture plans to use 3D printer technology to build a 12,000 square feet house in 2014.

Janjaap has teamed up with mathematician Rinus Roelofs to create the futuristic house which uses the principle of a one-sided Mobius strip, a mathematical version of a continuous surface that is twisted on itself.

The house will be 3D printed using the D-Shape, a machine that constructs 3D objects by “printing” layers of sand, or other building materials, ¬†that are combined with glue or binding agent to hold it together. This creates a sandstone type material that is ideally suited for construction.

The D-Shape 3D printer was invented by Enrico Dini and so far has been used to create two storey buildings with a maximum area of about 1100 square metres. If the D-Shape is used successfully to create the Landscape House it will be a major step forward in making 3D printing technology just another method of construction.

The Landscape House is estimated to cost $5.3 million and would take around 18 months to complete and Ruijssenaars hopes to get a commission from the U.S to build a private house or a public project.

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