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3D Printed Richard III Reconstructed from His Recently Discovered Remains

| Medical Technology, News | February 12, 2013

Richard III 3D Printed Reconstruction

Richard III's face has been reconstructed using 3D printing processes

The remains of King Richard III were discovered last year buried beneath a parking lot in the English city of Leicester.  They were buried there 528 years ago after he died during the Battle of Bosworth Field.

Last week the remains were confirmed as those of the much maligned King through DNA testing and physical characteristics that were reported during his lifetime. We can now see what he looked like after Caroline Wilkinson, Professor of Craniofacial Identification at the University of Dundee, used 3D scanning of his skull and stereolithography 3D printing to produce a representation of his head.

An artist completed the reconstruction by painting the 3D printed head and adding glass eyes, a hat and wig, and period clothes.

“It was a great privilege for us all in the Dundee team to work on this important investigation,” said Professor Wilkinson. “It has been enormously exciting to rebuild and visualize the face that could be Richard III, and this depiction may allow us to see the King in a different light.”

Richard III has historically been portrayed as a crippled monster, responsible for his nephews’ deaths so he could ascend to the throne. The famous Shakespeare play blamed Richard for many crimes and today there are many who reject this version of history.

Richard III’s modern supporters hope that this reconstructed 3D printed head will allow the king to be seen in a more human way and soften historical opinion towards him.


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