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3D Printed House of the Future Looks Like Spider’s Web

| News | February 15, 2013

Futuristic 3D Printed House

This latest design of a 3D printed house of the future looks like a decomposing salmon head

There have been many ideas and designs for 3D printed houses and this is a design from London-based Softkill Design, a group of conecptual architects. This concept of a future home looks like its made from a spider’s web and shaped like a fish head, but it’s the underlying 3D printing technology that is interesting.

They hope to build the first prototype by this summer, perhaps not the advanced design you see in the above photo, but a proof-of-concept of their ideas of the materials and 3D printing methods.

Their design is printed using a fibrous nylon structure based on bones that would be made at a 3D printer factory and assembled on site. The house would stick together with Velcro or button fasteners, avoiding the use of traditional building methods. The house would use the minimum amount of material possible to maintain its structural integrity.

The 3D printed house is known as Protohouse 2.0 and is the latest development of an earlier design that was unveiled at the 3D Print Show in London last year.

The designers believe that printing off-site at a 3D printing plant using laser-sintered bioplastic will give better quality results than other proposed methods that print on-site with concrete.

We hope future houses don’t turn out looking like a decomposing fish head, but it’s promising that 3D printing has found another important potential use which will improve people’s lives.

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