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3D Printed Custom Prosthetic Legs

| 3D Printers, Medical Technology | February 12, 2013

San Francisco designer Scott Summit has been creating prosthetic leg “fairings” using 3D printers to recreate the leg shape of the user.

The technology used in a prosthetic limb has developed over the last few years but they are often modified from “stock” models to fit a person. They are usually designed by engineers and work well from an engineering standpoint but they do not look much like a real limb in their shape or form.

Scott came up with a cover for prosthetic legs, that he calls “fairings”, that are created using a 3D Systems ProJet 6000 3D printer. To begin, the existing leg shape is 3D scanned and then the fairing is custom designed using different patterns and graphics using the persons own ideas.

Projet 6000 3D printers use a stereolithography (SLA) process to create the forms in a variety of materials.

Not only do the 3D printed “fairings” return the lost contour of the leg for the wearer but they give people confidence when wearing their prosthetics.

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