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3D Printed Camera Flash Diffusers

| 3D Printers, MakerBot | February 25, 2013

3D Printed Camera Flash Diffuser

Save money and 3D print this camera flash diffuser

Camera gear is expensive. There are many 3D printer camera projects that can save you money including a gearless follow focus,  a camera gantry for still photography and 110mm film scanner. What we see in the photo above is a flash diffuser for the Canon Speedlight 580EX II created by Eric Chu for a MAKE: photographer.

After chatting with the photographer about what makes a good flash diffuser shape Eric designed one in Autodesk Inventor using measurements from the Canon flash unit. He sent them to a Ultimaker 3D printer for production in a clear PLA corn-based plastic that will be durable enough to stand the rigours of the photo lab.

Two versions of the 3D printed flash diffuser were created, a normal rectangular shaped diffuser and a triangular version for improved light diffusion. Even after a month of daily use the diffusers are still working well and last a lot longer than the “paper” versions that were used previously.

Eric has made the 3D printer files available on the MakerBot Thingiverse and they can be found here.

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