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Track Bike Frame uses 3D Printed Lugs

| 3D Printers, Sports Technology | January 4, 2013

One industry that 3D printers seem destined to have an impact is within the cycling community. Cycle technology is always moving forward pushing the boundaries of material weight and strength, using the latest materials such as titanium and carbon composites.

Ralf Holleis , from the CargoCollective, created this beautiful track bike which utilizes 3D printed lugs. The frame’s lugs were computer designed using FEA software to ensure they are as light as possible while still maintaining their strength.

The lugs were 3D printed using a concept laser machine from titanium powdered material. This 3D printing process, known as LaserCUSING, was created by German company Concept Laser. The LaserCusing machines can “print” 3D computer modeled forms layer by layer from a variety of powdered materials including high-grade steels, stainless hot-work steels, aluminium alloys
, titanium alloys
 and precious-metal alloys.

After 3D printing the frame lugs had excess material removed and then filed down to a smooth finish and then bonded using 3M glues to carbon bike frame tubes to create the finished frame. The track bike was then built up with high-end components and when finished weighs in at a featherweight 12.5lbs.

VRZ-2 Track Bike 3D Printed Lugs Complete

Here is the VRZ-2 track bike fully built, it only weighs 5.68 kg (12.5lbs)

Here are the specifications for the VRZ 2 track bike:

Frame: VRZ 2

Tubematerial: carbon

Lugmaterial: titanium (lasersintert)

Lugcoating: TIN, CRN, or TiCN+C

Handlebar: Deda Pista

Saddle: Vorwaertz C1

Seatpost: Vorwaertz TI+C 1

Steam: Vorwaertz Top 2

Crankset: SRAM Omnium 2012

BB: BB86 Pressfit Truvativ

Gear: front 48 / rear 16

Wheels: Lightwieght RUNDKURS

Tires: Conti 4000s

Total weight: 5,68 Kg

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