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3D Printed Designer Dresses Premier at the Paris Fashion Show

| Fashion, Stratasys | January 26, 2013

3D Printed Dress Iris Van Herpen

This see-through little black dress was 3D printed by a Dutch fashion designer

Having trouble deciding what to wear? Can’t find the perfect dress in your closet? Then print one!

At the Paris Fashion show this week Dutch designer Iris van Herpen showed two outfits created using 3D printers. The show, dubbed “Voltage“, used the power and flexibility of Materialise and Stratasys 3D printers to create the two pieces that showcase what is now possible with this emerging technology.

3D printing has now hit the catwalk with fashion designers exploring the possibilities of new manufacturing methods and cutting edge materials to create high quality elegant garments. The black outfit shown in the photo above was designed by Herpen with assistance from Austrian architech Julia Koerner.

Koerner explained her creation as “a highly complex, parametrically generated geometrical structure,” and that “the architectural structure aims to superimpose multiple layers of thin woven lines which animate the body in an organic way.”

There’s no comment from the models as to how the garments were to wear and we’re sure that fabrics created on 3D printers don’t have the same characteristics as traditional fabrics. In any case, 3D printed clothing will be ideal for the lazy as printing another dress will be easier than taking one to the dry cleaners.

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