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    ProJet 3000 HD Plus (REV B)


    ProJet 3000 HD Plus (REV B)

    The ProJet HD 3000 prints precision, durable plastic parts ideal for functional testing, design communication, rapid manufacturing, rapid tooling and more. The Proje...

    Pico 1 Freeform Plus 39 3D Printers in Mumbai, India


    Pico 1 Freeform Plus 39 3D Printers in Mumbai, India

    For sale two professional desktop 3D printers Date of Installation: March 2014 and July 2014 Usage: Approx. 4000 hours on each printer Manufacturer: Asiga Model:...

    ProJet CJP 660Pro – 90 Day Warranty


    ProJet CJP 660Pro – 90 Day Warranty

    This stunning professional full-color 3D printer works perfectly and has been in excellent working condition from the day it was purchased. The 3D printer retails mo...

    Color Jet Printing


    SOLD - Color Jet Printing

    StrengthMax High Strength Epoxy Infiltrant - Resin - (134ml) StrengthMax Hardener - (56ml) Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate) - (454g) Color Bond Part #360449 Net Wt...

    Structur3d – Discovery – Includes 3 packs of Cartidges *NEW Condition*


    SOLD - Structur3d Printing

    http://www.structur3d.io/discov3ry-products/discov3ry Includes 3 packs of discovery cartridges https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rYLqRF1Qv4Contact 469-509-6326




    This is a fully assembled 3d printer. It comes with 7 spools of material for printing. ABS, PLA, Ninja Flex and nylon.I used it to print a prosthetic hand for my...

    2014 Stratasys Objet30 PRO Desktop 3D Printer w/ Waterjet included


    2014 Stratasys Objet30 PRO Desktop 3D Printer w/ Waterjet included

    Hi..my name is Kelly. I have one (1) unit 2014 Stratasys Objet30 PRO Desktop 3D Printer w/ Waterjet included over here.Open Price: US$12,500.00 (Negotiable). Go...

    Roland iModela iM-01


    Roland iModela iM-01

    For Sale Roland iModela iM-01 3D Milling Machine.Roland iModela iM-01 Features: -Precisely mills 3D shapes, patterns and designs out of foam, wax, balsa wood an...

    Roland MonoFab SRM-20 Desktop 3D Milling Machine


    Roland MonoFab SRM-20 Desktop 3D Milling Machine

    Ready stock for Roland MonoFab SRM-20 Desktop 3D Milling Machine.includes: - Roland monoFab SRM-20. - Instructions. - Power. - USB cable. - 2 tensioner. - ...

    Roland monoFab ARM-10


    Roland monoFab ARM-10

    Ready Stock for Roland monoFab ARM-10 3D Printer.Features : -High quality, accurate desktop 3D printing of prototypes and production models -Produces prototype...

    Start 3D Printing at Home

    3D printers are a relatively new piece of technology that are just now coming into mainstream use. They have been used for over 20 years with product design and development studios within large companies for the rapid prototyping of new products.

    In recent years 3D printing technology has become cheaper and more widespread with several companies offering cheap 3D printers for small business and home use. But these home desktop printers are still relatively expensive, but you can save money and buy cheap 3D printers through our classified ads system.

    Sell Used 3D Printers with a Classified Ad

    If you need to sell used 3D printers or printer parts then our classified ads are ideal for you. These printers normally cost thousands of dollars to buy brand new from the manufacturer so many people will buy a used 3D printer and SAVE $$$'s.

    Our classified ads will help you sell your unwanted printer FAST.

    Increase the number of potential buyers for a 3D printer for sale by listing a classified ad on 3DPrinterClassifieds.com. IT'S FREE!!

    Buy 3D Printers for Sale on Classifieds

    There are lots of used 3D printers in our classifieds for you to choose from, with new listings added each day, including MakerBot DIY printers, RepRap printers and Stratasys. Lots of different types of used rapid protoyping printers are offered for sale by private sellers and commercial dealers and are the cheapest deals around. You can find cheap printers for sale with our classified ads, including fused deposition modelling (FDM) printers, stereolithography (SLA) printers and laser sintering printers for sale.

    It can be quite daunting to spend several thousands of dollars when buying a used 3D printer on the internet without being able to see it work before making an offer, but as long as the buyer does some research before committing to buy any risk can be minimized.

    Sell your 3D Printer with FREE classified ads.

    Upgrading to the latest printer model? Getting rid of some older FDM printers? If yes, then advertise with our FREE classified ads.
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